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May 2, 2012
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Daenerys Targaryn by Inslee Daenerys Targaryn by Inslee
Daenerys Targaryn from Game of Thrones

I realize there is a lot about her design that is not true to the book or tv series, and that is partly to do with the design referencing Art Nouveau and partly to do with the fact that I like to try to offer up a different style and look to characters when I make fan art type images.

For example, her dress is not entirely like anything you;ve seen on the show or perhaps imagine form the book - It is a cross between what you might expect a queen to wear, with draping fabrics etc, the blue/purple colour scheme she favoured in the first few episodes and the Dothraki influence on her style with the mid drift and belts.

This was also before I knew very much of the story and I had not yet reached the part where her dragons hatched, so it is really a half formed impression, but I hope that clears some of your concerns up.

I created this at first with only six colours so it could be transferred to a shirt. I intend to mess with it a bit more now.

It's a bit art nouveau in style - I really enjoyed doing Belle this way and had to keep going.

The pose this time was a parody of on of Mucha's pieces "The Rose", unlike my last art nouveau attempt that stood on it's own. I don't know that I like referencing his work specifically or if I prefer to leave Mucha to his work and me to mine, but it turned out alright in the end I think.
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You put the serious face of Daenerys, I love it, she put that expresion on the series :)
I also saw this on teefury and was sadly in the UK and off on my times ): thought I could grab it. Any chance you'll sell this again as a shirt??
I'm still selling it on RedBubbble :) as shirts, hoodies, stickers and iPhone cases. [link]

I may put it up somewhere else eventually but that's where it is right now.
the-electric-eel Jul 17, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love this, I saw this on teefury and was REALLY upset I missed getting the shirt. I hope I can find it sometime.
it's not as cheap as tee fury, but you can buy it on redbubbble as a t-shirt or iPhone case. That's the only other place I have it for sale right now. [link]

I'm glad you liked it :)
This is fantastic!
Looks great.
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